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1310, 2017

MFE 64 – The It’s All Going Too Well One

October 13th, 2017|

As we go to print, we lie 2nd in the table and, by the time Saturday at 5 o’clock comes, we might well be top.

That fact has probably contributed to the rather confused feelings of our writers in this issue, who don’t seem to know whether we’re a decent team or whether everybody else is awful.

After we’d gone to print, we were saddened to learn of the death of Ian McNeill, the manager who brought us into the Football League in 1978, at the age of 85. Without him, our years in the Premier League, and our FA Cup win in 2013 might well never have happened. Our sincere condolences go to Ian’s family and friends, and we truly have lost a club legend.

It’s somewhat appropriate that Ian was born in the year Wigan Athletic Football Club was founded. RIP.

You can buy the mag here.

908, 2017

MFE 63 – The Not Knowing What To Think One

August 9th, 2017|

Yes, another season brings another Mudhutter.

MFE 63 has a mix of blind optimism and unrelenting misery. As we go to press, we’ve won both competitive games so far, with a win away at MK Dons and at home to Blackpool in the League Cup.

In case you were wondering, we never win our first two games in a season.

With that in mind, we wished we’d bit a bit more upbeat with this issue but, well, that wouldn’t be us, would it?

So, off you go and BUY THE MAG. You can also get digital and print back issues.

704, 2017

MFE 62 – The Third Day One

April 7th, 2017|

It’s that time again, time for another Mudhutter to hit the streets. And as ever, we give you an irreverent mix of the past, present and future. There’s certainly plenty of deliberation as to how we’ve got to where we are and what the landscape may look like next season.

We also take a look at other subjects as random as Sir Bradley Wiggins, Steely Dan and 1874 Northwich, plus we look at what we’re expecting from candidates hoping to fill the privileged role of being the next manager of Wigan Athletic. Plus there’s the usual regular features: Bagg, Topping, Tat and the usual generous serving of p1ss taking and p1ss boiling spewing forth from Mudhuts Towers. Well, would you expect anything else?

We’re selling at the ground on Saturday before the game in our usual spots and there will be copies in the usual stockists at some point over the weekend: Sparks Newsagent, Waterstones, Brickmakers Arms, Mesnes Road and the Northern Beer Temple.

You can also buy online in either print or digital format from RIGHT HERE

As for the cover? Cryptic, foreboding or just a pure wind up. Well, we’ll let you decide. But we’re not going to let the opportunity for an Easter based gag to pass us by…

1602, 2017

MFE 61 – The Should Have Retired By Now One

February 16th, 2017|

Yes, we’re passed the age at which women used to be allowed to retire, and yet we’re still going strong. Ish.

A surprisingly upbeat issue, all things considered. It would have been positively euphoric had we not gone to press just before we managed to beat Wolves away.

Go on, buy it, you know you want to.

The cover is courtesy of one of our match day sellers, who trollies around twitter all day pretending to be a house husband when he’s really just lazy. Thanks to @elbalson anyway

112, 2016

MFE 60 – The 60 for 60 One

December 1st, 2016|

For the 60th issue of the Mudhutter, we decided to push the boat out and make it 60 pages and all at no extra cost to you, our loyal and faithful readers.

What we didn’t realise was that we’d be having our third farewell cover in 12 months. This time we say goodbye to a man who, despite only spending a couple of years at Latics, became one of out greatest legends.

A man whose attitude epitomised what it means to be a Latics fan, RIP, Bobby lad.

Buy Issue 60 here

2110, 2016

MFE 59 – The Keep Calm and Don’t Read Twitter One

October 21st, 2016|

Twitter, as ever, is alive with bellends calling for Gary Caldwell’s head.

Read the Mudhutter instead, you’ll be better off for it. Despite plenty of effort to change the situation to the contrary, we still have the best collection of writers this side of Parbold.

And, as usual, you can buy it in the best fanzine shop in Wigan.

1208, 2016

MFE Issue 58 – The Caldwell Is Superman One

August 12th, 2016|

The first issue of the new season – Issue 58 – is now on sale.

The fantastic cover art is courtesy of our good friend Menkfeck, AKA Tat.

Incidentally, when Steve Caldwell got wind of the cover, he tweeted that the head size was about right in proportion to the body. Brotherly love!

Anyway, Buy it Here

807, 2016

MFE Subscription 2016-17

July 8th, 2016|

Subscribe to the MFE for the coming Championship season!

Just £7.00 for the digital version, delivered direct to your inbox a day or two before the printed version hits the shops or £10.00 (inc. postage) for the Printed MFE.

Think about it. Pay for 5 issues delivered to your door for free and, if we manage to get more than that out, you get them without paying a single penny more!

I know, we don’t know how we do it either!

Subscribe today

505, 2016

MFE Issue 57 – The Champions One

May 5th, 2016|

Yes, on the day that this issue hits the streets, Wigan Athletic will be crowned Champions of Football League 1.

Bolton down, us up. It couldn’t be any sweeter.

Well, unless the rugby get relegated too.

We sold out within 90 minutes last time, so get it while you can

2603, 2016

MFE Issue 56 – The Orange One

March 26th, 2016|

MFE 56 is hitting the shops (well the bridge and a few select outlets).

We have an exclusive interview with a favourite son of Latics. Yes, we interview ‘Arry prior to the Dutch Legends Vs Latics Legends match in May.

We also run a poll to see what statue the rugby men should put up at the DW.

Buy it now, you know you want to.

1610, 2015

MFE Issue 54 – The Moderately Optimistic One

October 16th, 2015|

We’re back and feeling very mid-table all round as the MK Dons of the fanzine world.

Some terrific stuff this time around. Lots of moaning too, mind you, but then to not have any would be like asking James Corden not to be an unfunny, fat bastard. It’s never happening.

As always, you can buy both printed and digikul versions in the shop.

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