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The World’s Longest Running Wigan Athletic Fanzine

MFE Issue 81


The Mudhutter is back with another scorcher, packed full of the usual features and one or two returning ones. Expect to find articles on Pete Doherty, The Caring Cup final, Pubs, The 1981/82 promotion season, a close encounter in Fleetwood, Wigan’s (Labour) club scene, obscure hobbies and your regular favourites.

We are STILL only two quid. We’ll be selling on Saturday on the bridge, if we don’t melt first. Fanzines will also be going on sale in Waterstones, Wigan Central and the Brickmakers or you can buy a digital or PDF copy online. We didn’t quite get the app done (by “we”, I mean Migs) for this year, but it’s a cert for next year…

Note, you can still subscribe for the season, for just £10 printed and delivered or £5 for digital copies delivered to your inbox. These are limited now, though, as once this issue sells out, we have to take this offer off sale.

Subscribe to the Mudhutter for Season 2022-23


Are you ready for the new season? We’re not, it’s still summer for another two months yet. However, we do like to rattle a couple of mags out early doors to let you know that we’re here, before we inevitably skulk away into our long winter hibernation. So we will be doing four printed fanzines this year, with digital available and maybe see about another free winter online special if the mood takes us. These will be the usual format, with the usual nonsense in them. If it ain’t broke and all that.

Our writers and contributors are currently beavering away, scribbling their submissions for the first issue of the season. (WELL, THEY BETTER HAD BE – ED) We will be bringing it out on Saturday 13th August, to coincide upon the date of the home game with Bristol City. You need to sign up NOW, or at least within the next four weeks in order to guarantee receiving a pristine copy of the next issue direct to your door (or inbox if you are a digital guru)

We will be doing four print issues in August, October, February and April. We will be keeping the price at two quid, though there was a [SERIOUS] discussion about an increase. But ultimately, we’re not in this for money, or foreign holidays, or second homes in the Cotswolds. We do this out of LOVE, and the desire to keep print fanzines alive.

Anyway, enough “gor blimey, I’m cuttin’ me own throat ‘ere” The price is £2 per issue and P&P is at least £1 per issue these days. So based on £12 for 4 copies, you are getting an issue COMPLETELY FREE, on us, if you take out a season long subscription for £10. A digital version is just £5 for the year, whereby we deliver you four digital PDF style copies per year, or maybe even via *whispers* an APP (see below), at the same time as the printed version. That is just £1.25 per copy. You could get 23 of them for the price of just ONE Preston ticket!!

So, in summary. Yes, we are back. A year older but certainly no wiser. So feel free to give us your money, if you’re lucky enough to have any left these days. If you are an existing subscriber, you will get a polite email in the next day or two with all the renewal details.

Get Your Sub

Re the app. It is currently submitted to the Google Play Store and is undergoing testing. Hopefully it’ll be ready in time, but we’ll see. If you want to wait a week or two and see what happens, feel free.

Oh, and no iOS app, sadly, as Apple want a fortune just to register as a developer, so they can f*ck off

MFE Issue 80


Hello and welcome to our 80th issue, and the last of this fine season we’re having. We’ve done a 48 pager, which has broke the back, but you’re worth it. There’s a few juicy articles in there from Kyiv to Skem to Morecambe (and back). We’ve got our diary of a Wiganer in Kyiv, a trip to watch Skem at Wembley and the excruciating step by step view of the Joseph’s Goal walk. We also look back at Wiganers who played for Latics, an appraisal of our songbook, and consideration of former players who didn’t quite cover themselves in glory. There’s breakdancing, 70’s disco dancing and a review of our first promotion season by Bagg. All in all, it’s a bumper edition and one we’re quite proud of, so thanks once again for your terrific support of our little independent magazine and we’ll see you next season.

If you want to get hold of a copy then it is in Waterstones, Wigan Central or the Brickmakers Arms. You can catch us at the match on Saturday, either on the bridge or opposite Rigalettos. Or you can buy one online HERE and we will stick one in the post to you


The Mudhuts team

MFE Issue 79


Mudhutter 79 is now on sale

Well, well, we are back again after our Winter break and another issue is about to hit the street. Another 44 page of reflective prose for your delectation. We’ve got loads of stuff for you to pore over on all manner of subjects, written from the heart, not the backside. Most of the time anyway.

We’ll be out selling at the match on Saturday, ahem weather permitting and it’s looking as finely balanced as an Amr Zaki scissor kick right now. Still two quid. Cheap but not nasty. Buy a copy ONLINE or pick one up from us on Saturday or in town from Waterstones, Wigan Central or the Brickmakers.

Thanking you once more and for eternity for your ongoing support

The Mudhuts team

The Mudhutter 2021 Christmas Special


Welcome to our Mudhutter digital Xmas special. You don’t have to pay for it, nor do we have to stand on a windswept bridge in pouring rain to sell it.

Just call this our Christmas gift from us to you. Over 40 pages of content for you to sit back with a brew and enjoy over the festive period.

Download it, share it widely and say nice things about us, but only if you really want to, as we don’t want anything back.

We’ll be back in February with the next printed issue. In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and fingers crossed that we can all, somehow, have a much more enjoyable 2022


Migs & Jimmy and the Mudhuts team

MFE Issue 78


Mudhutter issue 78 on sale this weekend

Would we let you down eh? We might not take you to the heights of Bolton away* but we wouldn’t let our standards drop to Tuesday night at home levels either? (*Tbh that’s basically half of the mag, this time)

Let me come clean, my editorial was woefully over positive given our topsy turvy form and pending injury crisis. But you know what? When you look at how good we were just one or two Saturdays back, it also gives you confidence that we can quickly get back to those levels once more, so keep the faith as we say around here. Or just tell us loudly that you’re not coming again, and we’ll see you at the next home game regardless.

We’ve got 44 pages locked and loaded and ready to go for you, including an interview with non league flying winger Graham Oates, a trip to a 70’s sawmill, lockdown tips and tricks (erm) and some thoughts on our rivalry with Man City over the years and why there always seem to be trouble (clue: because we keep beating them!) Plus all the usual regular features, written from the heart and then extensively punctuated and put into plain English by yours truly. From Leek Town to Bolton away, we’ve got it covered, with not much else in between….

If you are a subscriber, then your copy is in the post (or inbox). If not, accost us at the ground this Saturday on the bridge or opposite Rigalettos. Is it even called that any more?

Needless to say, I’ll be trying to sneak a pint in there, while the other sellers stand outside in the cold.
We are down to three other stockists now in town, as all the other newsagents are now vape shops cum convenience stores and the only papers they still sell are Rizlas.

You can however pick a mag up from Wigan Central, The Brickmakers or Waterstones in the Grand Arcade. We also sell online at Stanchion Books, give their site a look, it is full of great football books and periodicals.

And finally, if you want a copy delivered your door, probably by a drone sooner or later, then you can do so here

With thanks

Jimmy & Migs

MFE 77 – The One They Couldn’t Kill


Who remembers fanzines? The Mudhutter is back!

Yes, that’s right and we have been overwhelmed by subscribers, new and returning who all want a piece of the action. Last night, your correspondent spent three hours fiddling about with mail merge, labels, envelopes and stamps to get over 130 copies out in the post to all you lovely people.

Issue 77 will be our first of four this season, supplemented by digital specials in the winter and summer, when it’s too cold/hot for us to faff about. The first issue is a 44 pager and, as ever, consists of an eclectic mis of content: what happened to centre forwards? Standish breweries of day gone by. Retro telly. Far East pot noodles, a history of sport at Springfield Park, Les at large and Latics scapegoats through the years. While the wounds are still healing, there’s also another long form piece looking at the part certain protagonists played in our administration. Mentioning no names whatsoever, ahem. Loads of other bits and pieces and still only two pounds or £1.49 for a download copy.

You will find it in the usual pubs and shops: Waterstones, Sparks, Wigan Central, The Brickmakers, Mesnes Road News or you can catch us on the bridge or around the ground this Saturday. Note, we are now CARD ONLY.

Of course we aren’t, heaven forbid we should ever move into the 21st Century! We only take cash, and if you can possibly make it legal English tender that always helps a bit.

You can still subscribe for the whole season by taking one out here

Or if you just want to pick up the latest issue, then just visit our shop and order one and we will do the rest

Subscribe for 2021-22


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we haven’t had anything to write about during the past eighteen months, it is more that we haven’t had anyone to sell to, as we sell over half of our fanzines on a match day. With the start of a new season being imminent, and the return of fans to football, it feels like now is the time to get the band back together.

Last time we were out, we had a record number of subscribers and we’d love to set a new record this season. Why? Because it holds us to account. Knowing that you support us and want to read our gibberish makes us put pen to paper and produce the Mudhutter for another year. We know it’s not for everybody, nor do we pretend that it would be, but knowing that a significant chunk of people out there still believe in the value of a traditional football fanzine, in the third decade of the 21st Century is truly appreciated.

So here is the deal. We intend to produce four printed issues this year, full of new content, the first of which is going to the printers imminently. We will also do a Winter digital version, which we will release to subscribers a few days before it goes out to the general public. We might even do a summer special and keep a regular bi-monthly rhythm to things.

The cost to subscribe and receive the fanzine by post is £10 for the season, or £5 to get a digital copy. That is £2 cheaper for print (as P&P is usually a £1 per issue on top of the £2 cover price so it would be £12-13 overall to send out) and £1 off digital.

If you would like to take us up on this very generous offer, then click here to place your order and we will do the rest.

NB If you are a previous EXISTING subscriber, you should have mail regarding a discount as we never did get the last issue of the 19/20 season out so we’re knocking a bit off your sub price.


The Mudhutter team

Mudhutter Corona Special


No football means no printed fanzine.

By way of scant recompense, we’ve put together a Corona Special, and it is available as a free download.

Some of it you may have seen before, most you won’t.

Anyway, it’s 67 pages, and you can download it, together with some old specials we did, HERE

MFE Issue 76


Your new Mudhutter is about to hit the streets. So what is in it? In what is an uncanny attempt or art mirroring life, it seems to be full of tales about people who want to see a football match but end up disappointed. It is an eclectic read with articles on subjects as versatile as hockey (no, come back!), family history, going the pictures, bizarre football tours and unofficial Neighbourhood watch schemes. Yes, there is some football but then who on earth wants to talk too much about the current dross we are watching. Better to let us vent our spleen at any other manner of random subjects.

It’s 44 pages and will be on sale tomorrow before the Millwall game from all the usual spots/ If you want a copy, then you can do that here

[add a rabble rousing “up the tics” on the end and some positive fluff blah blah blah…yeah that’ll do]


The Mudhuts team

MFE Issue 75


Happy New Year from the Mudhuts Bunker!

We’ve a new issue out tomorrow and we pore over the good, the bad and ugly of the last year and indeed the last decade. There’s a wonderfully diverse selection of articles to back that up including a trip to Espanyol, and a look back at the raiding of Springfield Park. We look at the art of captaincy along with art of drinking cans,  social media over-reactions to football (and life). Loads of news, loads of features from all your lovable crew, we are STILL just two English pounds as we hit our three quarter of a century mark!

You can catch us on the bridge or outside Rigalettos before the game tomorrow or we will be in all the usual pubs (Brickmakers, Wigan Central, Northern Beer Temple) or shops (Sparks Newsagent on Wallgate, Waterstones and Mesnes Road News)

The latest issue is now on sale HERE if you want to buy online and get it hand delivered, assuming you don’t set your dog on the postie.

Much love,

The Mudhuts Team

MFE Issue 74


Mudhutter issue 74 on sale this weekend

Q. What’s A5 sized, has 52 pages and costs two quid?

A. The programme?

I give up!

So the fanzine, not the programme is out this weekend. Mudhutter issue 74 no less and it’s a whopping 52 pages packed full of riveting raconteurial writing, as our new directors would probably say. Gor blimey, guv’nor it’s so big we can barely fit it in an envelope, we must be mad!!

There’s 52 pages full of reflection, direction, delectation and provocation with telly and music features along with Latics comment and articles past and present. News, views, interviews and invariable sprinklings of pathos and nostalgia. I mean why on earth would we want to be topical? There’s barely any mention of our shit away form at all is there…erm….

There’s no point even attempting a hard sell, you know what you’re getting by now and if you don’t know what you’re getting, why not live dangerously and spend two quid. After all, what’s the worst you can lose? A. Two Quid.

We’ll be selling around the ground before the Forest game on Sunday and it will be in the usual stockists prior to that.

If you want to buy a copy online, then just follow this linky winky

And it’s not too late to take out a full subscription for a tenner (£7 digital) if I manage to retrieve some beer stained returns this weekend.. You’ll get this new issue, the last issue and three more to come. Click here for details

Thanking you for your unwavering, almost stalker-like support

Ps. I’ve no idea what pathos means, it just sounded good

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