Are you ready for the new season? We’re not, it’s still summer for another two months yet. However, we do like to rattle a couple of mags out early doors to let you know that we’re here, before we inevitably skulk away into our long winter hibernation. So we will be doing four printed fanzines this year, with digital available and maybe see about another free winter online special if the mood takes us. These will be the usual format, with the usual nonsense in them. If it ain’t broke and all that.

Our writers and contributors are currently beavering away, scribbling their submissions for the first issue of the season. (WELL, THEY BETTER HAD BE – ED) We will be bringing it out on Saturday 13th August, to coincide upon the date of the home game with Bristol City. You need to sign up NOW, or at least within the next four weeks in order to guarantee receiving a pristine copy of the next issue direct to your door (or inbox if you are a digital guru)

We will be doing four print issues in August, October, February and April. We will be keeping the price at two quid, though there was a [SERIOUS] discussion about an increase. But ultimately, we’re not in this for money, or foreign holidays, or second homes in the Cotswolds. We do this out of LOVE, and the desire to keep print fanzines alive.

Anyway, enough “gor blimey, I’m cuttin’ me own throat ‘ere” The price is £2 per issue and P&P is at least £1 per issue these days. So based on £12 for 4 copies, you are getting an issue COMPLETELY FREE, on us, if you take out a season long subscription for £10. A digital version is just £5 for the year, whereby we deliver you four digital PDF style copies per year, or maybe even via *whispers* an APP (see below), at the same time as the printed version. That is just £1.25 per copy. You could get 23 of them for the price of just ONE Preston ticket!!

So, in summary. Yes, we are back. A year older but certainly no wiser. So feel free to give us your money, if you’re lucky enough to have any left these days. If you are an existing subscriber, you will get a polite email in the next day or two with all the renewal details.

Get Your Sub

Re the app. It is currently submitted to the Google Play Store and is undergoing testing. Hopefully it’ll be ready in time, but we’ll see. If you want to wait a week or two and see what happens, feel free.

Oh, and no iOS app, sadly, as Apple want a fortune just to register as a developer, so they can f*ck off