Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we haven’t had anything to write about during the past eighteen months, it is more that we haven’t had anyone to sell to, as we sell over half of our fanzines on a match day. With the start of a new season being imminent, and the return of fans to football, it feels like now is the time to get the band back together.

Last time we were out, we had a record number of subscribers and we’d love to set a new record this season. Why? Because it holds us to account. Knowing that you support us and want to read our gibberish makes us put pen to paper and produce the Mudhutter for another year. We know it’s not for everybody, nor do we pretend that it would be, but knowing that a significant chunk of people out there still believe in the value of a traditional football fanzine, in the third decade of the 21st Century is truly appreciated.

So here is the deal. We intend to produce four printed issues this year, full of new content, the first of which is going to the printers imminently. We will also do a Winter digital version, which we will release to subscribers a few days before it goes out to the general public. We might even do a summer special and keep a regular bi-monthly rhythm to things.

The cost to subscribe and receive the fanzine by post is £10 for the season, or £5 to get a digital copy. That is £2 cheaper for print (as P&P is usually a £1 per issue on top of the £2 cover price so it would be £12-13 overall to send out) and £1 off digital.

If you would like to take us up on this very generous offer, then click here to place your order and we will do the rest.

NB If you are a previous EXISTING subscriber, you should have mail regarding a discount as we never did get the last issue of the 19/20 season out so we’re knocking a bit off your sub price.


The Mudhutter team