There’s a lot written about whether fanzines are on the rise or decline. Certainly sales are falling as are the number of different fanzines but there is still a core that are remarkably resilient.

And that resilience comes from the people who buy it as much as the people who give up their time to produce it. Which is where you come in. Last year, we had over 60 print and digital subscribers. We’d love to have the same again this year.

The bottom line is that by you paying us up front for the whole season, it makes us accountable. We can’t get lazy or do a runner with your money. Oh hang on, yes we can! Note to Migs: why don’t we just do a runner with the money? Er and delete that bit before we put the story up.

Ahem, seriously. We enjoy doing what we do and knowing that you support us, whether you are a subscriber or you buy one off us at the match or in the pubs and shops, keeps us going. Without you, we are nothing. Or at least, we are a bunch of pointless fools churning out nonsense on paper purely to satisfy our own massive egos.

Anyway, enough preamble. This season’s subscription deal is now online HERE. It is the same deal as last year: £10 for five copies with free postage and packaging, which to be brutally honest, nearly costs as much as the fanzine these days if we hit 48 pages, so you’re getting a good old deal. Albeit, you might receive it a day later if we miss the Friday post. But at least it is pristine and hasn’t been folded up in your jeans pocket. Swings and roundabouts really. I’m not selling it very well am I?

But then, why should we? We’re just offering more of the same as we have done for the past fifteen years. If you know what you are getting and you want more of it, then your subscription renewal will be gleefully received and recorded on our spreadsheet. It’s £10 for five issues delivered to your door or £7 for a digital version delivered to your inbox.

So come with us once more as we spend the next nine months telling people it’s not the programme once more…….

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