Mudhutter issue 78 on sale this weekend

Would we let you down eh? We might not take you to the heights of Bolton away* but we wouldn’t let our standards drop to Tuesday night at home levels either? (*Tbh that’s basically half of the mag, this time)

Let me come clean, my editorial was woefully over positive given our topsy turvy form and pending injury crisis. But you know what? When you look at how good we were just one or two Saturdays back, it also gives you confidence that we can quickly get back to those levels once more, so keep the faith as we say around here. Or just tell us loudly that you’re not coming again, and we’ll see you at the next home game regardless.

We’ve got 44 pages locked and loaded and ready to go for you, including an interview with non league flying winger Graham Oates, a trip to a 70’s sawmill, lockdown tips and tricks (erm) and some thoughts on our rivalry with Man City over the years and why there always seem to be trouble (clue: because we keep beating them!) Plus all the usual regular features, written from the heart and then extensively punctuated and put into plain English by yours truly. From Leek Town to Bolton away, we’ve got it covered, with not much else in between….

If you are a subscriber, then your copy is in the post (or inbox). If not, accost us at the ground this Saturday on the bridge or opposite Rigalettos. Is it even called that any more?

Needless to say, I’ll be trying to sneak a pint in there, while the other sellers stand outside in the cold.
We are down to three other stockists now in town, as all the other newsagents are now vape shops cum convenience stores and the only papers they still sell are Rizlas.

You can however pick a mag up from Wigan Central, The Brickmakers or Waterstones in the Grand Arcade. We also sell online at Stanchion Books, give their site a look, it is full of great football books and periodicals.

And finally, if you want a copy delivered your door, probably by a drone sooner or later, then you can do so here

With thanks

Jimmy & Migs