Your new Mudhutter is about to hit the streets. So what is in it? In what is an uncanny attempt or art mirroring life, it seems to be full of tales about people who want to see a football match but end up disappointed. It is an eclectic read with articles on subjects as versatile as hockey (no, come back!), family history, going the pictures, bizarre football tours and unofficial Neighbourhood watch schemes. Yes, there is some football but then who on earth wants to talk too much about the current dross we are watching. Better to let us vent our spleen at any other manner of random subjects.

It’s 44 pages and will be on sale tomorrow before the Millwall game from all the usual spots/ If you want a copy, then you can do that here

[add a rabble rousing “up the tics” on the end and some positive fluff blah blah blah…yeah that’ll do]


The Mudhuts team