Happy New Year from the Mudhuts Bunker!

We’ve a new issue out tomorrow and we pore over the good, the bad and ugly of the last year and indeed the last decade. There’s a wonderfully diverse selection of articles to back that up including a trip to Espanyol, and a look back at the raiding of Springfield Park. We look at the art of captaincy along with art of drinking cans,  social media over-reactions to football (and life). Loads of news, loads of features from all your lovable crew, we are STILL just two English pounds as we hit our three quarter of a century mark!

You can catch us on the bridge or outside Rigalettos before the game tomorrow or we will be in all the usual pubs (Brickmakers, Wigan Central, Northern Beer Temple) or shops (Sparks Newsagent on Wallgate, Waterstones and Mesnes Road News)

The latest issue is now on sale HERE if you want to buy online and get it hand delivered, assuming you don’t set your dog on the postie.

Much love,

The Mudhuts Team