Mudhutter issue 74 on sale this weekend

Q. What’s A5 sized, has 52 pages and costs two quid?

A. The programme?

I give up!

So the fanzine, not the programme is out this weekend. Mudhutter issue 74 no less and it’s a whopping 52 pages packed full of riveting raconteurial writing, as our new directors would probably say. Gor blimey, guv’nor it’s so big we can barely fit it in an envelope, we must be mad!!

There’s 52 pages full of reflection, direction, delectation and provocation with telly and music features along with Latics comment and articles past and present. News, views, interviews and invariable sprinklings of pathos and nostalgia. I mean why on earth would we want to be topical? There’s barely any mention of our shit away form at all is there…erm….

There’s no point even attempting a hard sell, you know what you’re getting by now and if you don’t know what you’re getting, why not live dangerously and spend two quid. After all, what’s the worst you can lose? A. Two Quid.

We’ll be selling around the ground before the Forest game on Sunday and it will be in the usual stockists prior to that.

If you want to buy a copy online, then just follow this linky winky

And it’s not too late to take out a full subscription for a tenner (£7 digital) if I manage to retrieve some beer stained returns this weekend.. You’ll get this new issue, the last issue and three more to come. Click here for details

Thanking you for your unwavering, almost stalker-like support

Ps. I’ve no idea what pathos means, it just sounded good