Welcome to the last Mudhutter of the season. 44 pages of beautiful, heartfelt content about this and that. Let’s get things out of the way first: the football may have taken a turn for the better (though that may have changed again by the time you read this) but the sentiment remains. We’ll all be their next season right?

We certainly will. It is quite the eclectic mix this issue, but then who wants to read 44 pages of moaning about what was quite a dismal season up until a week ago. So instead we bring you an interview with a former Liverpool keeper with Latics links, more on walking football, great transit van tales from days gone by with Bagg, how to buy a pet and a look at Gil Heron, Celtic’s first black footballer. Plus loads of the usual nonsense from the usual contributors.

We will be selling on the bridge today (Monday 22nd April) at the Preston game and it will be in the shops and in the post over the following couple of days. I’ve had a bit of other stuff to do, to be honest.

Anyway, here is the cover and if you want to buy online, here’s where you can do it

Ah yes, the cover, mixed reviews that one, as you can imagine.

At this point, can I say on behalf of everyone, thanks massively for your support this season, and we’ll see you in August.