Well, from almost nothing, here we are. An FA Cup semi-final, into the play-off positions, still profitable and a manager who wears long kecks. Good times, indeed, to be a Latics mon.

Following on from the Coyle debacle, who would’ve thought Uwe Rosler, a manager with a pedigree that could be called more “solid” than “spectacular” would be the one to lead us out of the Scottish wilderness? 8 wins on the trot, a run foiled only by a Yeovil team intent on getting another 3 players sent off, but helped by a referee who thought Jordi Gomez timing a tackle perfectly was worthy of the same punishment as James McArthur being hacked down from behind about 10 minutes after the ball had gone.

Not only that, we’re playing football which is not only full of purpose, but isn’t short on attractiveness either. I mean, we’ve finally got midfielders running from midfield, for goodness’ sake.

But I digress.

All this, and much much more is in the MFE Issue 46. We have interviews with two former players as well as music legends of both the past and the future, the revitalisation of Jordi Gomez in the unlikely role of Latics Hero and tons of other stuff.

The Printed Edition can be bought from the shop on this very site, and the Digital Edition will be on sale from 10 o’clock on the morning of the match. If you are a subscriber to the Printed mag, you can log in and read all this season’s issues for nowt. Mind you, Migs has proved spectacularly inept at getting that particular feature working properly, so if you’ve any problems, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to fix it.

So the march towards Issue 50 continues at its usual leisurely pace. I know, us neither.