The REAL Wembley Special!

When we at the Mudhutter knew we were off to Wembley for the FA Cup Final, we also knew we were scheduled to bring out the final issue of the season just 8 days later, but we decided we couldn’t let the occasion pass without comment.

Most  of  this  issue  was  written  before  the  final  was  played,  but a  few pages  were  kept  back  so  that  we  could  include  a  couple  of  articles  which  lamented or celebrated – we didn’t know, and we didn’t care, which – our first ever appearance in the final.

We also present a poem by Manchester writer and poet Mike Garry, which reminds us that football – even the FA Cup Final – is about more than just football.

For an hour or two, relive the emotions we all felt at about ten past seven on the evening of Saturday May the 11th 2013. For the next 12 months, revel in the knowledge that,  when  people  say  the  words  “Wigan  Athletic”,  they  can  add  “current  FA  Cup Holders” on the end of it. For the rest of your life, live with the certainty that you know where you were on one cold, rain soaked, magnificent evening.

It’s our club, it’s our town, and it’s our FA Cup.