Who remembers fanzines? The Mudhutter is back!

Yes, that’s right and we have been overwhelmed by subscribers, new and returning who all want a piece of the action. Last night, your correspondent spent three hours fiddling about with mail merge, labels, envelopes and stamps to get over 130 copies out in the post to all you lovely people.

Issue 77 will be our first of four this season, supplemented by digital specials in the winter and summer, when it’s too cold/hot for us to faff about. The first issue is a 44 pager and, as ever, consists of an eclectic mis of content: what happened to centre forwards? Standish breweries of day gone by. Retro telly. Far East pot noodles, a history of sport at Springfield Park, Les at large and Latics scapegoats through the years. While the wounds are still healing, there’s also another long form piece looking at the part certain protagonists played in our administration. Mentioning no names whatsoever, ahem. Loads of other bits and pieces and still only two pounds or £1.49 for a download copy.

You will find it in the usual pubs and shops: Waterstones, Sparks, Wigan Central, The Brickmakers, Mesnes Road News or you can catch us on the bridge or around the ground this Saturday. Note, we are now CARD ONLY.

Of course we aren’t, heaven forbid we should ever move into the 21st Century! We only take cash, and if you can possibly make it legal English tender that always helps a bit.

You can still subscribe for the whole season by taking one out here

Or if you just want to pick up the latest issue, then just visit our shop and order one and we will do the rest