Seasonal scribblings from all at the Mudhutter!

Mudhutter issue 70 is out this weekend, and it’s a marginally festive plethora of home grown independent writing and stuff. Weighing in at a meaty 48 pages for just two quid, we’ve got plenty of new and regular articles and features for you to read when you’re tucked up early in bed on cold winter’s evenings. We take a look at the outgoing Whelan era and the new IEC takeover.

There’s Christmas and Formula One (No! Come back!!) and we’ve got the inside scoop for the new plans for Sharpy’s chippy. There’s plenty of festive fun and ruminations of worst ever away games, plus in order to do our bit for Diversity & Equality, we’ve actually had a girl write an article for us! I know! What would Malky think?

Anyway, you’re either buying it or not and you must know where you can buy it from by now, right? [Copies and pastes last month’s]

That posh Waterstones in town

The fantastic boozer that is Wigan Central

Sparks Newsagent, vendor of fags, mags, scratchcards and perilously close to Galloways on Wallgate

Purveyor of 9% lovely loony juice, the Northern Beer Temple

Mesnes Road Newsagent, which is somewhere on Mesnes Road if you look closely between the 89 new wine bars

The top Latics boozer that is the Brickmakers

You can also buy it off our sellers before the game on Saturday on the bridge or opposite Rigalettos. Why not try and work out who’s missing because they didn’t fancy the cold weather? Or indeed who is hiding in the Supporters Club on the loose premise of “selling”? (again)

It’s also available to buy online in The Shop or at M60 Football Programmes, who have a host of other Latics and football related stuff