New and Improved!

It’s not really new and improved but I have to put that in the vain hope that all the kiddies reading Newsnow might click on it instead of flicking past to read the 18th bollocks story of the day that the Geordie press are fabricating about James McCarthy leaving for a cut price deal of three clippercards and a Pizza Express two for one voucher.

We are back though and currently putting together our first issue of the season in readiness for the second home game of the season on Saturday 24th August 2013

Every issue sees new writers putting pen to paper to Mudhutter on any subject of their choice and all views are welcome from anyone who cherishes Wigan Athletic or any other subject dearly enough to make the effort.

The printed word is undergoing a rebirth right now with new football fanzines emerging from Barnsley to Motherwell and we are proud to be part of that movement. We are fortunate enough to have over 50 postal subscribers to Mudhutter from Melbourne to San Francisco to Beech Hill and are now offering up our season long subscriptions for 2013/14.