2 10, 2012

Who’s Responsible?


The MFE is edited and produced by two grown men who should know better.

Most of the mithering, chasing, haranguing and general begging for contributions is done by Martin “Jimmy” Tarbuck with the final editing and layout done by Paul “migs” Middleton. The roles come easily to the pair of them, simply because Jimmy is a natural leader and migs doesn’t like people.

This way, Jimmy doesn’t have to get technical, and migs doesn’t have to get personable. Indeed, were the roles reversed, the magazine would be 3 pages of badly photocopied A4, instead of the glossy A5 masterpiece you see today.

This page wouldn’t be complete, however, without a significant nod to Andrew “Vaughanie” Vaughan, co-founder of the Mudhuts Media empire, regular contributor to the mag, author and all-round cultural consultant.



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2 10, 2012

On Match Days


On match days, our illustrious band of hardy souls can be found on the bridge over the Duggy, at the South East corner of the ground, trying to compete with the programme sellers and, when it’s a big game, the horse shit generously provided at premium overtime rates by GMP’s finest.

Also, someone can generally be found loitering outside Rigaletto’s in the West Stand, occasionally arguing with an over-zealous bloke in a high-vis jacket, about where the boundary line is.

If all else fails, our very own Jimmy can be found in the Supporters’ Club Bar attempting to sell the magazine to largley disinterested patrons. This is especially true if it’s cold or raining.

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2 10, 2012

The Contributors


Coming soon – Pen Pics (remember those?) of all our contributors

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2 10, 2012

A Nod To…


The Mudhutter receives great support from other fanzines and individuals around the world. Give them a looksee…

Images of friends…

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2 10, 2012

Thanks for Buying the MFE


Thanks for helping to support the MFE. We really do appreciate it.

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