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16 10, 2015

MFE Issue 54 – The Moderately Optimistic One


We’re back and feeling very mid-table all round as the MK Dons of the fanzine world.

Some terrific stuff this time around. Lots of moaning too, mind you, but then to not have any would be like asking James Corden not to be an unfunny, fat bastard. It’s never happening.

As always, you can buy both printed and digikul versions in the shop.

MFE Issue 54 – The Moderately Optimistic One2016-10-21T11:42:47+01:00
12 08, 2015

More Issues of the Mudhutter Available for Download


To commemorate the start of a new (hopefully better) season, we’ve made all except 4 issues of the Mudhutter available for purchase in glorious full colour digital.

As the only independent archivists of the ongoings at Latics for most of the last 10 years, you can find out what we thought about the major issues of the day.

Simply toddle/swagger/stagger/stumble/fall/trot over to our new shop.

More Issues of the Mudhutter Available for Download2015-08-12T22:40:46+01:00
14 07, 2015

The Mudhutter Summer Special 2015


What’s that? There’s a Mudhutter Summer Special?

Well yes, actually, and it won’t cost you even so much as a single penny.

Despite everything, it’s rare that we’re accused of being anything other than grizzled old moaners without a good bone in our collective bodies.

To show that’s only half right, we’re giving away a Summer Special edition of the MFE absolutely free!

We last gave away the MFE in 2011, when we had less busy lives*, so treasure it.

Download the MFE Summer Special 2015



*Or were more arsed about everything. Take your pick.

The Mudhutter Summer Special 20152015-08-12T22:45:03+01:00
14 07, 2015

Mudhutter 2015-16 Subscription


Get yourself a Mudhutter subscription, delivered straight to your door by your poor, beleaguered, recently privatised postie, and at a bargain price!

Well, you’ve come to the right place!! Priced at just £10 for five issues, postage is FREE for all printed copies of the mag and we are again offering a digital subscription where you will receive a PDF copy of the fanzine into your inbox on the day of release of each issue.

Here at Mudhuts Towers, we are eternally gratefully to all our readers but especially our subscribers as your commitment to us means we are committed to you in bringing you the best quality content we can muster up.

There’s even a rumour going around that Jimmy is going to learn mail merge and buy some envelopes that actually stick together if we can get 50 subscribers again this year…..

Get it while it’s lukewarm…

Mudhutter 2015-16 Subscription2015-08-12T22:46:49+01:00
17 04, 2015

MFE Issue 52 – The Season Ender


Even though the season ended, in a football sense, at about the time everybody was tucking into turkey with all the trimmings, the MFE thunders on regardless.

We’ll see you in August with issue 53*, assuming another 6 or 7 fanzines haven’t launched in the meantime and we can’t be arsed with it any more.

*Or 99, as this seems to be the numbering convention these days.

MFE Issue 52 – The Season Ender2015-08-12T18:18:58+01:00
29 08, 2014

MFE Issue 51 – Yes, it’s late


Look, we know we’re a bit later than usual, but we had production problems.

Blame migs, it was his PC that blew up.

We were also a bit worried about the cover, but normal service has been resumed.


MFE Issue 51 – Yes, it’s late2015-08-12T18:25:40+01:00
29 08, 2014

MFE Issue 50 – We Have A Bright Future Behind Us


Well, we got here, the milestone Issue 50

No, we’re not sure either. We thought folks would have cottoned on to what we were up to years ago, but they never did.

Thanks to everyone who has bought, begged or stolen a copy over the years. We’ll always be grateful for your support.


MFE Issue 50 – We Have A Bright Future Behind Us2015-08-12T18:26:18+01:00
29 08, 2014

MFE Issue 49 -Things Can Only Get Better


Okay, so things aren’t looking quite as rosy as we’d hoped, in footballing terms. But have no fear, the MFE is here and it’s as consistent as it’s always been.

Make of that what you will. Anyway, order now for delivery sometime around the weekend. Or Tuesday the 20th. The digital version will be available on Saturday morning.

So what’s in this issue?

We have all sorts of stuff, including an editorial that is the written version of kicking the stool away.

We have Les at Large (of course), more poetry from Moonay, Some more great stuff from Jonny Fairclough and Neill Rimmer’s Perm, plus a couple of book previews. We’re all highbrow these days.

We also have another interview with a Wigan Legend, John Kettle of Tansads and Merry Hell fame.


MFE Issue 49 -Things Can Only Get Better2015-08-12T18:25:04+01:00
29 08, 2014

MFE Issue 48 – The Start of Year Special


Look, we know we’re late, you don’t need to tell us, but we’ve had stuff to do.

Anyway, here we are with a new season already underway, and it’s looking almost as depressing as the first 6 months of last year. But we have faith at The Mudhutter, and we know that Uwe will put things right.

So what’s in this issue?

We have Les Bagg’s usual stuff, which includes a section on John Alder and Liam Sweeney, 2 Geordies who were killed when the Russians shot down the Malaysian Airlines jet over the Ukraine.

We even have a Mudhutter exclusive, an interview with The Duke himself, Nathan Ellington. You can see what he has to say about him leaving Latics, and the exact reasons he went to West Brom.

Plus, of course, all the usual guff and nonsense that we turn out year after year. We really do thank you for your loyalty.


MFE Issue 48 – The Start of Year Special2015-08-12T18:38:27+01:00
21 03, 2014

MFE Issue 47 – The End of Year Special


With our all new German style efficiency the latest issue of the Mudhutter hits the streets this weekend with 48 pages of carefully thought out prose and pictures from Wigan’s finest selection of helmets.

A more pensive, reflective, provocative, expensive, selective, creative, primitive, vegetative pamphlet you could not wish to acquire if you are so that way inclined.In this issue we pay tribute to Jason Roberts and Britpop, talk Pies and Poetry, and reminisce over Wigan Casino, internet message boards and local history. We cast our eyes over the FA Cup semi final and preview the run in and just what that man Rosler has got in store. Looking back, looking forwards and taking stock of where we are.

48 pages as ever by the fans, for the fans. Every issue see the same old contributors in their twenties to their fifties augmented by new faces putting pen to paper to extol the virtues of Wigan, Wigan Athletic or indeed any topic of their choosing like a council estate version of Mastermind. Putting pen to paper, from the heart, for you the selective, intelligent minority of Wigan Athletic supporters who like to read and take in what someone has bothered to write rather than doing all the talking.

And with that I’ll shut up. Apart from to say that you can buy both the printed and the new-fangled digital versions from the following links –


MFE Issue 47 – The End of Year Special2015-08-12T21:08:22+01:00